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LEAP 5000


The Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP™) 5000XR is the primary reflectron atom probe here in the Oxford Atom Probe Group. It is the workhorse of the lab and has been used across a wide range of sample types, utilising both voltage and laser pulsing.



The LEAP™ 5000XS is the group's straight flight-path atom probe, giving improved field-of-view and detector efficiency (~80%) during APT experiments. 


Funded by the National Nuclear User Facility (NNUF), this latest Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP™) 5000XR instrument is intended for use in the study of irradiated materials. As part of the NNUF's NuMAP facility, funded access to this atom probe can be obtained for relevant projects - if interested, please visit https://www.nnuf.ac.uk/nuclear-materials-atom-probe-facility for more information, or contact Christina Hofer, who is our nuclear materials APT scientist. 


Oxford Department of Materials provides access to various FIB instruments which are often critical in the preparation of APT samples. With FIB comes the ability to create site-specifc (shown bottom right), thin film and multilayer samples for atom probe analysis. Current FIBs available to APT group members are the Zeiss Auriga, Zeiss NVision 40 (shown bottom left) and Zeiss Crossbeam 540

zeiss nvision

M. Carter