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LEAP 5000


The Local Electrode Atom Probe (LEAP™) 5000XR is the newest instrument available here at Oxford. Its use has further expanded the range of materials that the group has the capability to investigate and given us the advantages of improved detector efficiency, UV laser and more.





The LEAP™ 3000X HR is a commercial instrument that incorporates a local electrode so that it can analyse microtips on flat or wedge-shaped specimens as well as conventional needle-shaped samples. A large-angle spherical reflectron is also implemented to enhance the mass resolution. A picosecond pulsed laser can be used to initiate field evaporation, allowing analysis of less conductive materials such as semiconductors.

  • Mass resolution 1000 FWHM, 500 FWTM
  • Field-of-view up to 200nm diameter
  • Typical volume of analysis 200,000 nm3 in 1 hour
  • Picosecond laser pulsing
  • Digital Field Ion Microscopy



Oxford Department of Materials provides access to various FIB instruments which are often critical in the preparation of APT samples. With FIB comes the ability to create site-specifc (shown bottom right), thin film and multilayer samples for atom probe analysis. Current FIBs available to APT group members are the Zeiss Auriga, Zeiss NVision 40 (shown bottom left) and Zeiss Crossbeam 540

zeiss nvision

M. Carter